Top 10 reliable bag manufacturers in China

Looking for bag manufacturer in China ?

Want to custom your own bag line and sell on Amazon/Etsy/eBay/Walmart? 

Want to know how to find the best bag manufacturer?

Welcome to China! You will find all kind of bag manufacturer in China!


With this guide, we will cover three part of below important content.

  • Where is the China handbag supplier hubs?
  • What are the pros & cons of different region handbag manufacturer?
  • Top 10 best bag manufacturers in China

Let’s dive right in. Typical, we categorize handbag SUPPLIER into 5 main religion/cities. 

1. Guangzhou

2. Yiwu

3. Quanzhou

4. Baigou

5. Cangnan

The transportation is quite convenient for these five bag supplier hubs. With transparent supply chains, you will find low costs,  fully experience suppliers. Each mentioned bag market, characterized with distinctive features and expertise of product types. We will show you about pros & cons of different region bag manufacturers.,

1. Guangzhou

If you were looking for high-end handbags supplier, the first stop must be Guangzhou, the leader and top standard bar for entire handbag and luggage industry, which includes all kind of crossbody bag, tote bag, laptop bag, suitcase, luggage and so on)

Sanyuanli(三元里), people also called Guihuaguang(桂花岗) , is the largest wholesale market for leather goods in China (and might for worldwide). You can find thousands of bag manufacturers’ office and stores here efficiently.

We set our showroom and office in Guihuagang as well, welcome to visit us when you come over Guangzhou. 

Sanyuanli Guihuagang Baiyun World Trading Center


Yiwu is commercial and famous for small commodities, which include cosmetic bags, canvas bag. You can find most of bag wholesalers in Yiwu International Trade City, thousands of small workshops are gathering here, and consist of largest wholesale market,  for small commodities on the planet. If you want to buy a small number of cheap handbags, this would be perfect wholesaler market for you.

Yiwu International Trade City,

3. Quanzhou

The city is famous for worldwide spots sport shoes manufacturing, which include all kind of sports shoes,  sports bags, laptop handbag, and travel handbag in China, especially nylon bags, you should not missed out the factories in Quanzhou.

4. Baigou

Baigou is famous for low-pricing handbags. Most of the factories here are family workshops, which might consist of 2-3 persons.  Due to the limitation of production environment,  these workshops mainly handle simple design handbags with lower qualifications. 

5. Cangnan

Cangnan located in Wenzhou, southern Zhejiang, but definitely it’s center of the printing and packaging industrial. More than thousands of printing factories here around, 30% of China’s packages are produced from this market.  As mentioned above, Guangzhou, Yiwu and ,Baigou are supplying genuine leather and synthetic leather handbag but in Cangnan, 99% of bags supplier and factory only make canvas shopping bag, canvas promotion bags, and woven bags as well. You rarely find a leather goods factory here. So if you looking for high print quality bags, we recommend you to choose a factory from Cangnan

By the way, if you were looking for trendy material, fabric and accessories for making PU leather handbags,  you can visit Shiling Town, this is complex material for all kind of raw material for handbags. 

Top 10 best bag manufacturers in China 2020(highly recommend)

Guangzhou Versse Bags Factory, Guangzhou bag supplier, found in 2004. As Wholesale bag manufacture,  Versse offers bag wholesale and custom bag manufacturing services, for tote bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, cards, and wallets. Manufacturer for Katespade, Aldo, Hush Puppies, Bata, Christian Lacroix. 


CangNan Well Bags – wholesale PP non-woven bags, PET bag, nylon bag, drawstring bags, cooler bags, and cotton bags.

Jinhou group — manufacturing laptop bag, notebook, laptop backpack for Samsung, Dell, etc.

Xin xiu evening bag — clutch/rhinestone evening bride/wedding clutch bag manufacturer in Hangzhou, China

Dapai-bag — offering Canvas bag,backpack,nylon bag,sport backpack,waterproof bag  etc.

Sitoy Group – the HKEX listed company, manufactures for Guess and Prada;

HuaHao Non-woven – China’s largest non-woven fabric manufacturer, manufactures for Carrefour and Unilever.

TianRui Chemical Fibre – manufactures for Coca-Cola.

Chenming Group — this bag company is a Chinese paper-making industry-leading enterprise.offering paper gift bag, shopping bag, and so on.

Hope this post can help you to find a good handbag wholesaler and factory in China. Always feel free to contact me if you have a question or need further assistance.  

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